Karate Classes at SVDP Karate Club

 (316) 644-9351      [email protected]       123 N Andover Rd   Andover KS   67002

Beginners Karate Class

  • Beginners Karate Class meets Monday's from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at St. Vincent de Paul Church 
  • Students learn stances, punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knees, blocks and footwork
  • Pad Work is used to teach speed, power and focus 
  • Basic martial arts skills are applied in sparring sessions with instructors and other students  
  • Groundwork fighting techniques are introduced

Advanced Karate Class

  • Advanced Karate Class meets Monday's from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at St. Vincent de Paul Church
  • Students sharpen their basic martial arts skills and increase their speed, power and focus
  • Stand-up, clinch, and take down strategies are practiced
  • Fighting techniques for different ranges are taught
  • Offensive and defensive skills and strategies are combined into free sparring

  • The SVDP Karate Club is not a traditional karate school in the sense that we do not wear gi's (uniforms), nor do we teach karate katas (forms) 
  • Our emphasis is on teaching fighting skills and confrontational self defense
  • If you want your child to learn a solid system of self defense, I encourage you to give us a try
  • We teach with lots of positive reinforcement
  • Students learn at their own pace